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I'm one of those people that temp agencies, and ordinary employment interviewers, don't know what the heck to do with. I have a Ph.D. in biochemistry, which is still an interest, but I don't want to do the kind of work I did in that area ever again. Besides, I left it 15 years ago. I then worked in publishing as a production editor, and then freelance copy edited and proofread. But that was by hand, in the US (while I now live in England), and I don't yet know Quark. Then I got a degree in textile design and worked for a fashion company. None of these skills are apparently of any use in finding work in Norwich, UK, at the age of 57, so I'm working a very boring office job three days a week. Have a suggestion? Please speak up.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

November 9,2006

Let me just say how proud and pleased I am with the US election. Congratulations. I had really wondered if the American people had it in them. The job is not finished, just because you did your part by voting. Hold those legislators's feet to the fire! Make them do what you want instead of what the corporations want! Let them know you'll be paying close attention over the next two years. Ignore any hype or swift-boating or scare tactics. Make the US what it should be.


Anonymous MARA said...

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2:37 AM  
Anonymous mara said...

Hi! I'm a 33 years old portuguese living in Diss, Norfolk, for one
year, now. I'm just stopping by to thank you for sharing your story! I
made me smile and it brought me a lot of hope.
I'm a vet, but I soon found out I don't really want to be it. So
afterwards, I took a degree in contemporary dance. That gave me the
opportunity of being part of some independent performances, and also
teaching creative dance classes. Funny enough, my last performance in
Portugal was for the oppening of a tapiestry exhibition, and based on
the work exposed. Most projects led to no money, but to a good people
net, as you mentioned.
I've always loved craft works, so while I was at the dance course, I've
started making some bead work, which I intended to try to sell some
day, which never happened. I'm also a good cooker, especially for cakes
and pastries, and I thought about seliing those too.
One year ago, I came to England to work as a slautherhouse vet. Between
my few belongings, I brought my beads and my necklages. My real aim was
to somehow and slowly starting building a way in which I could live out
of things I loved, or at least partially. After one year doing a job I
hated, I was getting crazy and depressed and my partner helped me in
looking for another way. I'll be a carer for elderly people, whenever
my CRB check is done. In the meanwhile, I've got all this projects in
mind, like starting teaching dance classes and maybe sell some things
in markets or craft fairs. I was kind of losing strenght to do it, but
then something made me start looking again. As I was browsing craft
sites, I found you blog, and it inspired me a lot to know that someone
alike was just some miles away. I admire the strenght you had, as for
me it was easier to work here (I belong to the EEC, so I don't need a
work permit)
Mainly, I wanted to thank you for this, and also share my story with

2:47 AM  

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